You may want to change your health insurance for different reasons : personal wish, increase of insurance’s tariff, change of coverage. In any case, the starting point of the process is the possible termination date and the termination period (information available in the insurance policy, in the general conditions or in the letter sent by the insurer). You will find below the challenges, its triggers, the method to follow.


Change of insurance : pre-requisites

Depending on the nature of the insurance contract, the termination period is defined by federal, cantonal or private contract regulations. If you want to change your insurer,


Check-List “Termination period”
take note of the start of the contract action effectuée
take note of the minimum duration before terminationaction effectuée
ensure your insurance premiums to date are paidaction effectuée


Change insurance: timelines

There are two important milestones to have in mind when wanting to change insurer:

Sometimes, changing insurers can be difficult for example:


Check-List “Termination period”
take note of the duration of the notice of terminationaction effectuée
take note of the date of termination (anniversary, calendar)action effectuée
collect past correspondence around past health issues, damage, accidents, etcaction effectuée


Change of insurance: challenges

The first challenge is not to give up the process of changing insurance along the way, due to lack of time.

The second challenge is to actually be in a position to change insurance . When you decide to change your insurer because you are dissatisfied with its service, it is not always possible to do so under the right conditions.

The third challenge is to benefit from the change in insurance in terms of premium or of coverage with regards to the effort it takes in terms of time and attention.

Changing insurers is an approach that requires support and regular review (for example, to assess gains, remember the deadlines, maintain momentum).

helvicare supports you in this process and helps you step by step with its “Change insurance” method

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Change of insurance : our tool at helvicare

The helvicare method and web platform help you change insurance. helvicare first starts by assessing whether it is worth changing insurance or not. If so, the planning is jointly defined by you and helvicare. Status is easily accessible and regularly updated in your personal helvicare WEB space.


This support applies to all your insurances: household, motor vehicle, health, legal protection, etc.

"Change Insurer Tool" check-List
note current coverage action effectuée
define your needaction effectuée
evaluate the potential for improvementaction effectuée
propose the planningaction effectuée
support the implementationaction effectuée
decide on the final gainaction effectuée
ask for a contract reviewaction effectuée


6 triggers to change your insurance portfolio

You will find below the most frequent events are likely to trigger changes in your insurance portfolio:


Check-List “Triggers to change insurance”
premium increase action effectuée
I compare my health insuranceaction effectuée
change to the insured property (e.g. change of car) action effectuée
propose the planningaction effectuée
household inventory increasedaction effectuée
my vehicle has aged, Casco insurance may no longer be relevantaction effectuée
you have lost your jobaction effectuée


helvicare supports you in this process and helps you step by step with its “Change insurance” method

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