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Table des matières

helvicare SA, a Swiss insurtech

We are a digital insurance broker. We help our clients, regardless of their place of residence (Switzerland or abroad) or their contractual status (local, short-term assignment or expat contract) to make informed decisions on personal insurance.

Helvicare changed its name from MonCoach Finance SA in 2017 after focusing on the insurance market and severing ties with Its parent company ITIntegrans SA.

with a recognised expertise

Our expertise is recognised through FINMA and AFA industry certifications.

As a non-tied insurance intermediary, our advice is independant and impartial. Our online platform simplifies our clients’ administrative procedures so they can get insured easily and remotely.

Our informational websites, "Le Blog du Frontalier" and "Le Forum des Frontaliers", have had over 1’000’000 visitors in 2020.

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J’ai trouvé les 2 assureurs aux primes les plus basses.
Je peux revenir à l’étape 1, modifier ma situation et faire une nouvelle recherche.

Je profite des “bons plans de Yanis”  et,
  à l’étape 3,  je reçois par eMail les 3 devis et les 1ers conseils

Comme 10’000 clients avant moi, 
je découvre la qualité de l’accompagnement d’helvicare !